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The SeaDataNet Common Data Index (CDI) service gives users a highly detailed insight in the availability and geographical spreading of marine data sets that are managed by more than 100 marine and oceanographic data centres, located in 34 countries, around and riparian to European seas. Moreover, it provides a unique interface for requesting access, and if granted, for downloading subsets from the rich and steadily increasing volume of marine data sets for physics, chemistry, geology, biology, geophysics, and bathymetry that these distributed data centres are managing. Currently, the CDI service gives access to more than 2.2 million metadata records and associated data sets, in majority in SeaDataNet standard data formats and using the SeaDataNet controlled vocabularies for many aspects next to free text.

The CDI offers a regular HTML interface for "human users", while developments are underway for a SPARQL Endpoint for machine applications, next to OGC web services.

The CDI V5 service provides powerful search options by combining full free search, facet search and geographic search options, powered by Elastic Search, SQL search, and Geo Server. In addition, users are provided with an integrated and effective data shopping, tracking and download service mechanism which gives a unique and harmonised access to the data sets, that are managed and contributed by the connected data centres.

The CDI service has been adopted by several European projects and drives the data search and access in multiple EMODnet portals. More data centres from Europe are invited to connect, this way increasing and expanding the availability of marine and ocean data sets for physics, biology, chemistry, marine litter, geology, geophysics, and bathymetry.

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