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SPARQL Services

This interface is designed to fetch a small amount of records, to retrieve all records access the service directly using your own SPARQL client. The general SPARQL query service is accessed directly using the SPARQL protocol at /sparql/sparql

Example SPARQL Queries

Below you can find several queries that can be used to query the CDI SPARQL service.

Show the RDF representation of a single dataset (CDI 1018864)
Get datasets with a specific theme (SDN:P02::SLCA)
PREFIX dcat: <>
SELECT ?dataset
?dataset dcat:theme <> .
} LIMIT 100
Get the creator(s) of a dataset, and use a federated query to get the name from EDMO
PREFIX dcat: <>

SELECT ?creator ?edmoName WHERE {
<> dcat:creator ?creator
?creator <> ?edmoName .
} LIMIT 1000
Get datasets created by IFREMER (EDMO nr. 486)
PREFIX dcat: <>
SELECT ?dataset
?dataset dcat:creator <> .
} LIMIT 100
Get datasets within polygon (Bounding box around the Netherlands)
PREFIX geo: <>
PREFIX geof: <>
SELECT ?dataset
?dataset geo:hasGeometry ?geometry .
?geometry geo:asWKT ?wkt .
FILTER (geof:sfWithin(?wkt, "POLYGON((3.0 50.5, 7.0 50.5, 7.0 53.5, 3.0 53.5, 3.0 50.5))"^^geo:wktLiteral))
} LIMIT 100

Links to SPARQL 1.1 Specifications

The full set of SPARQL specification is: