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Data set nameOSCAHR_FCMW
DisciplineBiological oceanography
Parameter groupsOther biological measurements
Discovery parameterFlow cytometry parameters in water bodies
GEMET-INSPIRE themesOceanographic geographical features
AbstractThis dataset was acquired during the OSCAHR cruise to identify ultraplanktonic community structure in the North-Western Mediterranean in relation with hydrological characteristics. Six phytoplanktonic functional groups were identified using CytoSense (Automated flow cytometer). Quality control is made by the flow cytometer expert manually during the data processing
Related EDMED datasetMarine Flow Cytometry Data from the Mediterranean Institute Of Oceanography (MIO), France (from 1993)
Data formatOcean Data View ASCII input   Version 0.4
Data set creation date20170208
GML idmc01
GML objects
OSCAHR transectsCoordinates during the OSCAHR cruise on board of the R/V Tethys II
Measuring area typecurve
Sea regions
  • ligurian sea
  • mediterranean region
  • mediterranean sea
  • mediterranean sea; western basin
MSFD areasMediterranean Sea
Start date20151030
Start time00:00:00
End date20151106
End time12:58:00
Instrument/gear categoryflow cytometers
Platform typeresearch vessel
Cruise nameOSCAHR
Alternative cruise nameOSCAHR
Cruise start date20151030
Cruise Summary Report (CSR)OSCAHR - Tethys II(35TT)
Data originatorMediterranean Institute of Oceanography (Marseille)
Data custodianMediterranean Institute of Oceanography (Marseille)
Project nameOSCAHR - Observing Submesoscale Coupling At High Resolution (OSCAHR) (research project)
How to get data?
Data DistributorMediterranean Institute of Oceanography (Marseille)
Database referenceCYTOBASE-MIO
Access/ordering of dataweb data access with registration
Access restrictionby negotiation
Other info
Quality info
COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 1205/2008 of 3 December 2008 implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards metadata2008-12-04See the referenced specification
COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1089/2010 of 23 November 2010 implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards interoperability of spatial data sets and services2010-12-08See the referenced specification
LineageThe data centres apply standard data quality control procedures on all data that the centres manage. Ask the data centre for details.
CDI-record id2632884
CDI-record initial import date2018-03-08 17:20:36.977
CDI-record last update2018-03-08 17:20:37.307
Point of contactMediterranean Institute of Oceanography (Marseille)